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Why did you not get an interview call?
March 13th 2024
9 min read
It's not completely your fault (maybe a little, but not much). I'll help you understand why. Different companies will have different ways of shortlisting candidates and interviewing them. Here I'll just talk from my experience in hiring for engineering talent at Rocketium. I hope this might hold t...
Implementing Figma like pinch zoom and pan in Canvas 🖼️
November 9th 2023
10 min read
During November 2023, we formed a small team at Rocketium to build a next gen canvas editor for the top marketing teams in the world. We already had an editor but it had a lot of limitations due to the tech we used few years back to build it. Now with this new editor the goal was to build a perform...
Three hours, just to realise that axios version is broken 🥲
September 8th 2023
5 min read
This is the story of me spending three hours just to realize that the axios version I was using was broken, and as a side-quest I realised how multi-part form data works under the hood! While working on fixing security vulnerabilities in a large codebase at my company I had to make a long pending ...
Testing your API suite with Postman 🧪
September 6th 2023
16 min read
Writing tests is something I used to dread, but once I started writing them it feels like one of the best gifts I could give to my future self, because it will save him hours of manual testing when adding more features to the API. But there was a very valid reason in my head of why I didn't write t...
Building an efficient zipping service using Node.js and AWS Lambda 📦
August 14th 2023
12 min read
Another day in building a Digital Management System for Rocketium, I had to build the functionality of downloading a folder which would have multiple files and folders within them. The neat way of doing this obviously would be to create zip of this folder and send it to the client to download. But ...
Storing hierarical tree-like structures in MongoDB 🌲
July 21st 2023
10 min read
Recently while building a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system at [Rocketium](, I was posed with a problem of building a hierarical structure to store files and folders where each folder may have more deeply nested folders containing files. Now, while this problem is simple to...
Prompts as a machine instruction language ft. LayersGPT
June 26th 2023
8 min read
OpenAI's ChatGPT is definitely the hottest topic of discussion right now if you're working in Tech and "Prompt Engineering" has emerged as a new buzzword for all the tech bros. Prompts have become a new language to communicate with GPT or other LLM based models. But what is a prompt and what is pro...
The Complete UI State Lifecycle 🚲 - Pattern and Implementation
June 24th 2023
8 min read
Never leave your UI state unattended Many frontend developers leave their UI state unattended while an async request is being processed. This leads to a bad user experience as the user is not informed about what’s happening with the system. This quick guide will help you understand how you can...
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